• Quick loan for expats

    Redaction Czech loan | 14.03.2024

    Bank don’t ask what you will use the money for We apply for a loan together easily and conveniently via the Internet. No paper documentation. After visiting the branch where you will sign the contracts, the bank will immediately send […]

  • How to get loan in Czech as foreginer?

    Redaction Czech loan | 01.03.2024

    Advice on how expatriates in the Czech Republic can secure a loan, covering steps like researching banks, meeting employment criteria, preparing documents, and improving credit history. It also highlights specific requirements for EU and non-EU citizens and emphasizes the importance of comparing loan offers.

  • Czech credit bank register

    Redaction Czech loan | 01.02.2024

    In today’s digital economy, ensuring the security and reliability of financial transactions is paramount. Bank register evidence plays a crucial role in verifying transactions, resolving disputes, and ensuring legal compliance. Here’s why it matters and how to maintain it effectively: […]

  • Responsible financing for expats

    Redaction Czech loan | 20.11.2023

    Looking for the optimal fair play loan for your needs? Look no further and take advantage of our brokerage services! We are your partner in the financial world, opening doors to fair and transparent bank loans. We provide you exclusive […]

  • Consumer loan for foreigners

    Redaction Czech loan | 05.02.2023

    Foreigners, with czech resident or not, can legally get own consumer credit from commercial bank. Retail banks offer different type of private credits, the most popular are “Consumer loan for anything“, “Loan for housing“, Car credit” and “Consolidation” of old […]

  • Mortgage market 2023

    Redaction Czech loan | 01.02.2023

    According to the plans announced by the central bankers of the Czech National Bank (CNB) in 2023, the price of money will remain high, resulting in expensive mortgages. The CNB’s strategy is to maintain the 2T repo rate and control […]

  • Mortgage market June 2022

    Redaction Czech loan | 30.06.2022

    The fall of the Czech mortgage market continues, the volume of mortgages granted in May increased slightly by 3.4% compared to April, but this seasonal growth is normal for May. Housing loans worth CZK 40.555 billion were provided in May, […]

  • The CNB sent mortgages up on record

    Redaction Czech loan | 06.11.2021

    Czech National Bank announced an increase of basic repo rate by a record 1,25 points, up to 2,75%. Mortgage loans in Czech will significantly grow up. Bank council has decided to take radical step that has no period in Czech […]

  • Czech mortgage rates November 2021

    Redaction Czech loan | 01.11.2021

    During October interest rates already rose above 3%. Thus, after a significant tightening of the monetary screws, commercial banks ordered a rise in rates. In the last quarter interest rates rose by as much as 1%, while this average unprecedented […]

  • Mortgage interest rates May 2021

    Redaction Czech loan | 16.05.2021

    Will we see a cooling of the mortgage rally? Before we look at mortgage interest rates in May 2021, let’s summarize the key events of the past few days. April events in the mortgage market  During the April the mortgage […]

  • Czech mortgage rules

    Redaction Czech loan | 08.11.2019

    Basic 3 rules of czech bank for non-residents to be accepted. If you want apply for mortgage loan in the Czech Republic you have to fulfill at least one of the following conditions: Provable income in Czech (stable salary or […]

  • Abolition of real estate tax on housing units

    Redaction Czech loan | 20.10.2019

    Housing units in family houses will be exempt from real estate transfer tax. On 8 October 2019, the President of the Republic signed an amendment to the Act regulating the acquisition of flats in family houses. Newly, the buyer saves […]

  • New Czech real estate law

    Redaction Czech loan | 29.09.2019

    Real Estate Act 2020 The new law on real estate brokers, which should apply from 1.1.2020 seeks to cultivate the Czech real estate market. We bring you an overview of the proposed changes. Obligatory professional insurance of real estate brokers […]

  • Mortgage for foreigners

    Redaction Czech loan | 07.07.2019

    “Can I get a mortgage loan if I am a foreigner in the Czech Republic?” According to bankers simple answer is yes! foreigners, resident or not, can legally buy real estate property in Czech. There is overview of elementary bank […]

  • How to get mortgage in Czech?

    Redaction Czech loan | 07.03.2019

    Do you want to buy flat or build your own house in Czech Republic? Do you need take a loan from Czech bank? Here is  overview of the basic legal conditions required by Czech National Bank (CNB). These rules are […]

  • How to recognise good financial advisor?

    Redaction Czech loan | 04.02.2019

    1. The mortgage advisor is not a sales representative A good mortgage advisor is usually an independent so he should logically cooperate with several financial institutions and not only offer products from one of them, otherwise it would be a […]

  • Changes on Czech financial market

    Redaction Czech loan | 08.05.2017

    Housing financing at the beginning of 1 th December 2016 were changed, the rights of clients were strongly improved. The most important benefits for clients: The “cooling off” period of 14 days. Clients have now a 14-day “cooling-off” deadline prior […]

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