Redaction Czech loan | 14.03.2024

Quick loan for expats

Bank don’t ask what you will use the money for

We apply for a loan together easily and conveniently via the Internet. No paper documentation. After visiting the branch where you will sign the contracts, the bank will immediately send the money to your account. Quick loan is ussualy approved within 24 hours

Credit range:  20.000 to 800.000 Kč

Required documents:
  – National passport
  – Czech residence card 
  – Czech ID number “rodné číslo”
  – Three bank statements

Main rules to be accepted:

– Provable income in CZK currency (regular monthly salary with tax domicil in Czech Republic, ideally unlimited employment contract or limited empl. contract longer then one year)

quick loan offer

Quick loan is credit that is typically used by individuals to finance personal expenses, such as a car, a home renovation, or to pay for education. Bank will open personal bank account to pay

Extra payment is possible

Quick loan can by paid earlier at any thime wihtout fees, client will save future interest. 

No Security
There is no requirement for sercurity

Tips: how to avoid beeing rejected by bank:

Anyone can apply for a loan. But it will be obtained only by those who meet the conditions set by the bank or to obtain it. The bank can reject the applicant without giving a reason, there is no right to grant the loan. In these situations bank will always reject the application for credit:

– being in testing period in job
– using overdraft to a bank account – negative balance, late payment
– playing betting and gambling games
– taking sick leave at the time of the loan application
– loan rejection 3 times in a row, 4 applications will be automatically rejected
– missing bank account, having cash income

Quick loan is credit of traditional bank acting on Czech market

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