Our services

Basic assistance mediation of mortgage loan – for free
– comparison of several bank’s offer
– guarancy lowest interest rate on market
– property valuation for bank purpose
– deposit of pledge contract to Cadastral office
– documents for an insurance company
– communication with a Real Estate agency
communication with a lawyer from Real Estate agency

Tax services – 2.500 CZK
– real estate tax registration and submission to Tax authority

 Law services – 6.000  – 8.000 CZK
– preparing purchasing contract documentation by our lawyer


Our service is also searching for clients the best conditions an lowest insterest rate. Preparing mortgage loan documentation for client takes  2 – 3 weeks.

Note: our mediaton services are always for free. Submition property acquisiton tax declaration to the Czech Tax authority is an optional service. Law services are optional as well. Jurist acts are charged depending on the range of documents, clients are always informed about price of law services before.

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